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Aligning your wheels would make the car drive straight and prevent excessive wear on the tyres. Our HOFMANN GEOLINER® 790 WITH AC400 CLAMPS is able to properly indicate the alignment angles even for the latest car models ranging from Japanese, Korean, Continental and even Supercar makes.

Do a wheel alignment regularly to prevent premature wear on the tyres and to save costs on unnecessary repairs. Call us now to book your slots at 8876 6477


2 Wheel Alignment $58
4 Wheel Alignment $88
Supercar Alignment $168
Wheel Balancing $10/Wheel
Wheel Rotation $10/Wheel
Rotation + Balancing $15/Wheel
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The Hoffman Geoliner is one of the most advanced alignment systems in the market and provides accurate and real-time measurements. Our mechanics are trained to use this system to ensure that all alignment are done accurately and to complete even the most complex tasks.

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