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Frequency Intelligent Valvetronic Exhaust System technology offers cutting-edge intelligent ECU exhaust control valve, with an emphasis on the optimization of both acoustics and performance. It is a testament to their philosophy of the ultimate union of comfort and performance experience for the driver and passengers.

When the valves are fully open for maximum flow and power, it creates an exotic tone and allows for high performance. When the valves are closed, volume is reduced for a more low-profile comfortable drive. With our latest technology, just one click on the remote control will setup any rpm to automatic mode. The automatic mode enables the system to detect the engine RPM to intelligently switch comfort/racing exhaust profiles. Users can also opt to simply switch valve on/off mode as desired by remote control when driving.

Generally speaking, larger pipe diameters will result in better horsepower output performance at high rpm range. However, this isn’t to say that larger diameters equate better highend performance; when the diameter size is too large, exhaust gases will not be able to fill up the holding space of the exhaust pipe and the exhaust gases will create turbulence and exhaust outflow issues , which will negatively affect performance. Exhaust pipes with smaller diameter sizes are perfect for torque output under low revs. When the car is operating under mid to low rpm range, exhaust gases can be released quickly, but under high rpm, large volumes of exhaust gases will be blocked inside the exhaust system and subsequently increase the exhaust temperature. Therefore, the Fi Team designs and customizes every exhaust pipe with precision and utmost care based on their original fittings, with the aim to greatly increase horsepower and torque performance through an optimal diameter ratio. With our exhaust systems, you will see a breakthrough in sports car-like sound performance not available with the stock exhaust systems. Precision Motorworks is the official distributor for FI (Frequency Intelligent) Exhaust Systems in Singapore. Call us now @ 8876 6477 for FI Exhaust enquiries 🙂

We are the official distributor for FI (Frequency Intelligent) Exhaust Systems in Singapore. Call us now @ 8876 6477 to enquire on our prices for your car.

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